Starting a new series devoted to some of my favorite highs of the week. I’m sure some people are wondering why they’re not my favorites, as the word favorite is a blogger.. favorite. I say highs because every time I see or experience my “favorites” I feel a high. Hope that makes sense…

1. New rug from Rugs USA
kind of obsessed with it’s cute little colorful tassels and geometric print.. gahhh

2. Pink knits (forever 21) & Adore Me under garments
Looking forward to wearing knits and matching bras for the Fall

3. Le Lebo Candle
omg this stuff smell amazing.. makes me melt plus it has my name on it 🙂

4. Current products on the desk
love a messy desk

5. New little Mini Balenciaga
Balenciaga.. need I say more?



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