It’s been a minute since I was in NY for Fashion Week, and although this post is quite overdue I’m still going to post it because…well … I’m hungry…
You can’t come to NY and not try some type of bagel! I know there are PLENTY of other spots for the best bagel, but I chose to visit Russ & Daughters because I love that they served more than just lox and bagels. This jewish establishment is known for their lox and bagels, potato latkes, and babka french toast. They also brought in designer Kelli Anderson which is another factor to visiting their cafe. Marble tables, the cutest menus, brilliant signage makes for a instagram-worthy place!
My cravings for avocado toast and green tea matcha were real (spoken like a true LA girl). Found Blank Slate to help curve those cravings! I loved that they drizzled a bit of honey on the avocado. Genius! Not gonna lie, I’ve been drizzling honey on my toast where ever I go now.. YUM!
Last brunch place you definitely can’t miss is Jack’s Wife Freda. I mean do I even need to talk about it? It’s a well know establishment and a huge cult favorite among influencers and bloggers. I personally didn’t care too much for the green eggs dish, but the Salmon Benedict blew my mind! If you go after off times, the wait is way shorter!
I’m a huge ice cream lover. Put some sprinkles on it and I’m game! Perfect snack while exploring NY!
Being asian, I crave asian food when I travel. It’s just a thing I have with my culture. Being in LA, we’re exposed to great ramen, so I honestly can’t say the ramen in NY is any better. But if you’re like me and need some asian flare, visit either Momofuku or Ippudo to get the “NY ramen” vibes.
This spot is perfect after a long day of exploring. It’s located Midtown at the Refinery Hotel. It’s on the roof top so you’re sure to dine with a great view. Best part is that it’s half indoor and outdoor with a beautiful bar right in the middle. Perfect for cocktails and food!
Lastly PIZZA! We visited this place based off what the New Yorkers were suggesting. Everyone I spoke with mentioned Roberta’s so, Roberta’s we went! Delicious brick oven pizza that comes out all bubbly and cheesey! The dough was crispy and airy… just like heaven!
So there’s my two cents on New York food. I can’t wait to go back and venture more! 



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