Let’s start off by saying Positano embodies everything I love in a vacation spot! There are those who love exploring busy cities with ancient monuments, and then there’s me. I love the outdoors, salty waters, walking around aimlessly without an agenda, and that’s exactly what you’ll get to do there. Although there’s a rich history and culture in Positano, it’s best known for it’s breathtaking scenery and beaches! If you’re a sun bum like myself and hate busy days, I would definitely explore down the Amalfi coast. You don’t need a whole lot of time 3-4 days is plenty!
Things I learned:
1. Splurge for a hotel closer to the lower parts of Positano unless you want a rigorous butt exercise every day walking up the stairs to the top! 
2. If hotels aren’t your thang then research, research, and research for a great Airbnb. The hubs and I totally missed out on the research part and while our Airbnb was nice, we could have found a more ideal location. 
3. Check out the local pharmacies. I know… strange, but they have some amazing beauty brands for a fraction of the price!! Found Caudalie products for a great deal, yay!
4. The food here consists of pasta, pizza, and PASTA! For healthier alternatives order fish dishes, fruits, and salads to keep you from feeling carb-over-load.
5. Chez Black!? Yes, it’s a tourist trap, but I liked it! Great Atmosphere plus you’re on the beach with an endless view of the Tyrrhenian Sea
6. Rent a boat. They have boats in all sizes and prices! Completely worth it to visit Capri or Amalfi, plus you can take all the “blogger” pictures you want, hah JK!
7. It’s a rocky beach, no sand. Be sure to wear slippers because the rocks HURT!
8. One thing I was determined to do was visit Le Sirenuse. You don’t have to stay there to visit their hotel, just walk pass the front desk and head downstairs to their restaurant for drinks or dessert! They literally have the BEST views of Positano so this is a MUST! 

Positano could truly be done in 3 days at the least due to it’s size, but you’ll never want to leave once you set foot into this town. Walking by the view everyday will leave you breathless. Trust me folks, the view will not get old.



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