How I stay fresh throughout my busy day.
As most of you all know I have a full time job on top of blogging so there’s on denying how busy my days can get within a week. To be frank, I basically have a busy weekmonth…. life but it’s great because at my age, busy is good! Not gonna lie, there are plenty of days where I just don’t have the time to shower and get all glam-ed up. Sometimes, I’m running out and into meetings all day without even having a proper meal. I’ve definitely had those moments where I sneak a sniff under my shirt and hope that I’m not all sweaty or stinky (we’ve all been there.. no shame).

So here’s how I stay fresh all day…

Did you know your nose can get accustomed to scents like your everyday perfume which might make you feel less fresh as the day goes on (yikes)? After 10,000+ hours of research with over 500 noses across multiple countries, Secret learned that 70% of women switch deodorants because they believe their bodies have grown accustomed to their everyday product. But don’t fret, I’ve partnered with Secret to share with you guys their new collection which features a brand new patented Fade Resistant Scent Technology, which has been shown to combat nose-blindness and provide long-lasting fragrance benefits for up to 48hrs.
 The new technology is designed to last throughout even your busiest days, providing you with reassurance that your deodorant is working (phew.. thank God). The new Secret Fresh Collection features 11 dynamic scents in both Clear Gel and Invisible Solid forms – with a brand new Cool Waterlily fragrance! I’m a clear gel kind of girl, but the invisible Solid form features a proprietary sweat-activated technology that captures odor and releases fragrance, keeping you smelling fresh for  48-hour protection. 
As a busy gal, I would say it’s pretty important to have unstoppable freshness when meeting clients, pitching campaigns or even hanging out with friends. I definitely feel more confident wearing this deodorant and won’t need to sneak the sniff test no more!

Thanks Secret for partnering with me. Any opinions expressed are my own.
FTD is your one-stop shop for all floral delivery needs! No matter the occasion, FTD flowers are the best gift esp. with Valentine’s day right around the corner!
La Fresh came out with a limited edition waterproof makeup remover wipes! This stuff takes off even the most stubborn makeup yet, gentle enough for all skin types. These wipes are a must to achieve additional freshness! Use code: BABBLEBOXX for 25% off!
The Tree Hut Bare Moisturizing Shave Oil pampers skin with essential oils like Jojoba Oil and
 Grape Seed Oil, which helps seal in moisture and promote healthy skin while enhancing razor and skin contact for a smooth shave. Love using this oil when I shave. Great alternative to shaving cream!
These blends work in synergy to deliver on their targeted promise for a healthier mind and body. I tired out detox which helped my body feel rejuvenated and cleansed!


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