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How to manage a blog, a full time job, a husband AND a life while keeping my sh!t together….

I think it’s about time I open up a little about my life and start sharing with you guys who I am on a day to day basis. To start- I work a full time job and manage my blog all while performing wifey duties on the side. Not sure how I became that person who always has some work to do but I’ve now embraced it. I will do a Q&A on all things about me, blogging, editing, and etc. but let’s just start with how I deal.

Mon-Fri I’m usually at work from 9AM-5PM. With the little gaps of free moments I have as a creative sales manager, I use it to check my blog emails and post any photos I have for the day on socials.
Once I get home around 5pm, I work on editing blog posts and social posts ‘cus we all know how important it is to get that grid all cohesive and pretty, and then it’s time to make dinner around 6:30pm. After dinner, I will unplug for the rest of the night and just veg out on the couch with my dogs and husband.
Once weekends come around, we usually spend it going on dates, attending events, visiting family or just plain relaxing. I try to make it priority to have one day of rest if not the whole weekend however that’s where shooting comes into play. When you work a full time job, you basically have to always plan a shoot day either on Sat or Sun (mostly Sundays) to have enough content for the upcoming week. I usually spend an average of 4hrs shooting outfits, flatlays, details, and anything else that needs to be done for the week.

Sometimes my life sucks in all sorts of ways due to stress with a project at work, or deadlines from campaigns for the blog. This is where being HIGHLY organized comes into play. I have a calendar on my phone, computer and a bullet journal to keep my life together.
I will have to say that a Bullet Journal has been my source of hell and sanity all at the same time. I can’t express how amazing it feels to have my schedule, thoughts (aka brain dump), tasks, and notes all in one place that’s not my brain. Sometimes looking at my journal can also be hell seeing how many projects and tasks I have in front of me, but it’s such a great visual tool to prioritize what is most important. A project, campaign, deadlines, stories can all be calculated into a timeframe that give YOU enough flexibility to create, produce, brainstorm, upload, etc. as long as you’re organizing your tasks cleverly and wisely.

At the end of the day, you have to have passion and dedication to blogging and work full time to really be satisfied with life. It’s not easy and there are many valid reasons why most influencers and bloggers go full time because of the amount of work. Who knows maybe one day I will, but for now it’s what I love to call “my life.”

wearing: Forever 21 jacket & jeans | Gucci Bag | Christian Stephane Sunnies

On another note, I’ve been on a shopping spree finding Winter to Spring pieces that works with the weather we’ve been experiencing here in LA. This jacket has got to be one of the best pieces I’ve seen in awhile. Online shopping can put me in a haze, but this jacket immediate gave me some type of way…. Here are a few transitional pieces that I’ve been loving from Forever 21!

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    Jenelle Witty


    It does sound like you are very organised. I have heard a lot about using a bullet journal but have yet to take that plunge to get into it! I often wonder how full-timers get so much done for their blogs as well. At the moment I am not working full time in another role, but I will likely go back to it at some point soon. Love these flares by the way!
    xx Jenelle

  2. Reply

    spread fashion


    Thanks babe! It took awhile for me to start a BUJO but I'm so glad I didn I would recommend trying it out esp. if you're a blogger/creative 🙂

  3. Reply

    Amy Zhang


    I just started using a bullet journal as well! But, mine isn't very pretty and I'm still trying to get the hang of it. It's always so inspiring to see how other bloggers manage to "deal" – I had no idea you worked a 9-5. Your content is AMAZING!! Thanks for sharing your tips and tricks, love these kinds of posts <3

    xx, Amy

  4. Reply

    spread fashion


    Thanks so much babe! And I feel you on the bullet journal. Mine is not pretty easy BUT as long as it works for you that's all that counts. I love the brain dump sections. It makes me feels so much lighter! haha 🙂



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