My hair is something I’ve been known for my whole life. My mom added some highlights in my hair when I was in middle school and since then, I’ve been hooked to all things hair. Being a natural dark brown haired gal, it’s obvious that my hair has undergone some serious damage throughout the last 10 years from coloring and heat styling. 
Maintaining this blonde means touch ups and frequent visits to my hairstylist, therefore I’m very particular with my hair products. I’ve tested out a few drug store brands that sound intriguing here and there, but I always have Living Proof Restore Shampoo and Conditioner in my shower to rehydrate my hair (it’s one of my shower must-haves). 
Being a Living Proof enthusiast already, I’m thrilled to share with you guys their new Restore Perfecting Spray from their Restore line. In the next 2 weeks I’ll only be using their Restore products and show you guys some before and after shots, as well as how I use the products- so stay tuned!
For now here are some tips below:

Always use quality product on your hair:
I know many times hair care can be the last thing you want to spend your hard earned pay-checks towards, but in the end this will really change and restore your hair to the way it should look and feel. Many drug store products don’t have the same properties so watch out for that ingredient list. Living Proof products have been developed by scientists and even have their own molecule in order to create a shield to protect hair without weighing it down. What I love about the Restore Perfecting Spray is that it’s created to instantly protect and perfect your hair during two vulnerable states- wet detangling and heat styling. It’s pretty wild how much my hair breaks when it’s wet and damp. This spray has helped tremendously to keep my hair soft, strong and smooth. Apply this spray on your damp hair from roots to ends and comb through.  You can then style as normal and won’t have to feel guilty about using a hair dryer or hot tools on your hair.
Don’t wash your hair everyday
I know, sounds gross! While you can wash your body everyday, you should try not to wash your hair everyday. You can actually train your hair to be less oily and greasy. I know, WEIRD. But it works I promise! The natural oils are good for your hair and scalp. If you’re worried your hair looks too greasy, wear a hat or put it up in a chic ponytail! I’ve learned that Living Proof products actually repel dirt and oil (rather than stripping your hair) so hair stays cleaner longer.

Another option is dry shampoo. If you haven’t tried dry shampoo, girllllll you’ve been living under a rock! My favorite that I picked up from Sephora a few months back is the Living Proof Perfect Hair Day Dry Shampoo. I honestly feel it’s one of the best in the market, and trustttt I’ve tried them all. My beauty closet is filled with dry shampoo and this one is the one I always gravitate towards.

Take Biotin and Collagen
This can be in any form powder, pill, whatever… but take your vitamins! It’s essential for your hair to  also get stronger from within your body! I’m currently mixing collagen powder (which you can read about here) in my smoothies in the morning for that inner glow plus stronger hair and nails!
Sleep with a silk pillow case
This trick is something that has greatly helped while I sleep. Something about the soft silk pillows helps smoothes out the kinks and fly-aways plus it’s also great for your skin. One last thing I do at night for my hair before heading to bed is to apply Living Proof’s Instant Repair on my ends. It’s like a lotion for your hair that won’t weigh it down!

What are some of your favorite tips to keeping your hair healthy? Have you tired any of the Living Proof Restore products?
Thank you Living Proof for partnering with me. All opinions are my own.



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