This is a new series I’m creating to help me get back to my roots and focus my blog on things that I’m good at, like shopping! My blog has really turned into something of a lifestyle which is perfectly normal since I love cooking, beauty, home decor, etc. but let’s be honest, it’s kind of turning into everything and anything at this point and that’s because I lost passion in fashion and started venturing out to one of my biggest passion ATM, home decor. But let’s rewind for my blog’s sake and talk about how I save money while I shop. 
It’s no secret that I have a shopping addiction. I mean I always have since I was a baby. At the age of 6, I once called a tv commercial ad to purchase pink legos and when they asked to speak with my parents… let’s just say I got in big trouble! 
The key to not going completely broke when shopping online is quite simple, don’t pay full price.
I think so many people out there don’t realize how much you can actually save by shopping online at the right times alongside a few tricks I’ve learned.
Here are my crucial tips to never paying full price:

wearing: J brand jeans similar | Revolve Tularosa Top | Zara flats | Gucci bag 

1. Email alerts- OMG I know, they can be a pain in the ass. I’m constantly unsubscribing to newsletters that I didn’t even sign up for all the time! But there are a few brands that I look for in my emails every morning in bed hoping there’s a sale.  Especially those websites that never go on sale (*ahem* Anthropologie) I will absolutely make sure I’m on their email list. They have secret sales, discount codes, cash coupons and so much more so don’t live under a rock, sign up for the brands you like!

2. Retail Me Not- If you don’t know what RetailMeNot is… then we can’t be friends. JK that’s why I’m here! It’s the holy grail website for discount codes & sales. Before I purchase anything I always check to see if there’s any additional codes or discounts I can get before check out. Just google “Coupon Forever21” or “Retailmenot Forever21” and it’s usually the first site that pops up.

3. Call or chat with the customer service rep.– This one is a bit more tricky and inconvenient since it’s another step but worth it in the end! If I can’t find a coupon or discount code, I’ll check to see if they have a customer service chat line or phone number. If it’s a huge purchase, like a couch, bag, rug, etc. I will always do this step. Once you’re connected to an agent, you can ask if there are any additional discounts they can provide. Sometimes I say “It’s my first time purchasing”, or “I just missed the recent sale…” and they will at least provide 10% off, sometimes 20%! I recently called Anthropologie regarding my $750 purchase and they gave me 20% off just because! Try it, don’t be scared!

4. Wait for a holiday– Now I’m not talking about Christmas or Thanksgiving because that’s a given but for instance MLK, President’s Day, St. Patricks Day, Mother’s Day, etc. basically the “still at work” holidays, those are the what we’re waiting for. Web sites always have sales so if I have no luck with coupon codes I’ll wait until those days to purchase. Easy peasy!

5. Use Ebates, Reward Style, or any cashback website- Ebates is something I used religiously for years. I got so many friends and family members signed up due to it’s saving factors. You basically get 1-10% back on all purchases made online. I’ve saved so much money through Ebates, it’s ridiculous! If you’re interested you can sign up here! For influencers or bloggers, I would recommend (if you aren’t already) using your own affiliate link when you shop. This is key. You can earn commission from your own link plus save with a discount code. It’s like double savings, like seriously!!

6. Sometimes you just gotta buy it- Even though this series is about never paying full price, it’s still important to let you know that it’s ok to purchase certain things full price as well! Not everything will be on sale esp. in the color, size, or piece you exactly want. Sometimes I know websites like Zara never have coupon codes and if I wait for their sale most of my sizes will be gone. For those cases, I’ll just purchase full price.

I hope you guys enjoyed these tip and maybe use them on your next purchases. I would love to know any tips or tricks you guys have below in the comment section!
Happy shopping!


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    Mandy Paulino


    Yaaaas to this outfit!
    Visit me back 🙂

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    Shannon Boyce


    I definitely have a shopping addiction as well – though I have been trying to get better about it! Great tips!

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    spread fashion


    Visiting you now 🙂 !

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    spread fashion


    So glad you enjoyed! Shopping is like the best and the worst! haha 🙂

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    Vivian Yuen


    I LOOOVE these Zara shoes!

    Vivian | LIVE . IN . LOVE


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    I love the shirt!
    Also, yes email alerts! I love the random 'here's 25% off for you' emails they send sometimes.

    Belle in Black and White

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    spread fashion


    Those are the best!!!!

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    Merel van Poorten


    I love this blogpost <3
    And the pictures are so pretty, the lighting is awesome and I adore your look.

    X Merel

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    such great tips, babe! thank you so much 😉 I also always crazy about saving my money.

    The White Ocean



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