Now that it’s Spring, I can finally come out of hibernation (literally didn’t leave the house during this Winter cold..) and get myself all sexy and flirty again! Something about warm sunny weather mixed with floral scents gets me all fueled up. With the sun shining and the cool-ish wind breezing it’s time to wake up those Winter rituals and start some new Spring ones!

Here are my five Spring routines:

1. Have fresh flowers around the house. If you always buy Roses (like me), mix it up! Get some Ranunculus or Hydrangeas. I know this sounds so simple, but having fresh flowers in the house really helps inspire and motivate. I mean it helps me tidy around the house more, at least that’s my excuse.

2. Change up your perfume. I feel that with the right scent, perfume can empower you and make you feel sexy inside and out whether you’re wearing it around the house or going out for a girls night, perfume is the cherry on top. It just completes your whole look!

I’ve partnered with Michael Kors to introduce their newest scent, Sexy Blossom. The scent instantly conjures with sweet, smooth Lychee adding sparkle to Rose petals and the freshness of Dewy leaves. This intoxicating scent seriously transports you to a garden of infinite blooms. Now, who wouldn’t want that! If you’re drawn to floral scents like me, you’ll die over this one guaranteed!

3. Throw away clothes you haven’t worn in 2 months. Yup… it’s that time to get rid of those old skinny jeans that may never fit you again (sadly), or those hideous but “It’s designer” jackets away and start fresh.  Think of it this way, empty closet = shopping time.

4. Try out a new recipe. Bored of chicken and brown rice? Try grilled fish with a fruit salad instead!

5. Add new accessories. New rings, bracelets, or even a watch can make an old outfit feel new again. I’ve been pretty much wearing this gold necklace, ring, and watch combo every day. My Michael Kors watch is one of my favorite new Spring things.

And that’s it! Simple steps to get yourself all Spring ready.
 Now go spray on some Sexy Blossom Perfume, and bring out your Sexy Spring inner goddess!

Thank you, Michael Kors for partnering with me. Opinions and thoughts are my own.


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    where is this top from!? Also, where do you get your accessories!?



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