I’ll have 5 Vodka Shots Please
 I’m sitting here at my desk thinking about my flight to Aspen tomorrow and the anxiety and stress are overwhelming my delicate emotions. It got me thinking about how I used to love flying at one point in my life. I would fly all across the country to visit friends and family by myself without any hesitation. Oh, you want me to visit you in Chicago next month? I’ll be there! Was my motto.

Flash forward to 2017, I’m in tears, having anxiety attacks, feeling extreme nervousness, mixed emotions and just down right fearing for my life. Frustration is probably the only word I can describe how I feel when I want to travel but can’t ‘cus of flying. But all fears aside, I still fly because I still want to explore different cities and countries all around the world. I mean, you only live once right?

So what do you do when you’re dealing with anxiety you can’t resolve on your own? Research!
I learned that 6.5% of the population have a fear of flying. That’s more than 20 million people who are feeling what I’m feeling which gives me relief because that means I’m not alone in this. Since I’ve developed this fear, I still have traveled several of times during the year for work, visiting family during the holidays, taking a vacation, etc., and I feel I have really mastered, not conquered the fear, but mastered what works for me to alleviate the stress and anxiety. I’m in no way saying this is the cure because it’s not, but here are a few tips that help me during my flights:

1. Research and prepare: Look at the weather, the area you are flying into, Turbulence Forecast, the type of plane you’re in, the time of day you are flying because all these factors count for something. I’ve read flying early in the morning or later in the evenings help with turbulence. It helps but it’s not 100%. I like to book my flight during the day so I can see outside the window (more on this below). But check the conditions and prepare yourself. If there’s a storm, chances are it’s gonna be bumpy. Just prepare your mind for anything. I had a flight to New York in April and the forecast was high winds, rain, and fog. I thought GREAT! Bring on the turbulence. I was on the plane ride waiting and waiting for turbulence, and nada. Nothing even a bump. So just preparing your mind helps so you can expect the unexpected. Also, Turbulence Forecast is a great source to predict turbulence forecast up to 18hrs.

2. Window seat closest to the front: I wish I had the luxury to fly first class but I don’t so I opt for the business seats or upgraded seats right below first class. Depending on where you fly it ranges from $50-$200 extra for those seats. I try my best to upgrade my ticket to those seats if available. The key factor for me is a window seat. Yes, I prefer the front, but if there’s no window seat in the front, then I’ll find another spot with a window. I HAVE to look out the window every 5 mins to make sure we’re still safe. I know sounds so silly, but seeing clouds and movement help me out so so so so much. Even when the ride is bumpy, I’ll look out the window and see that we are barely shaking and my nerves calm down. Funnily enough, my hubs and I don’t even necessarily have to sit together. I just need a window, BYE John. I also heard sitting on the wings helps with feeling less turbulence. Will have to test that out next time.

3. Alcohol, Sedative, Relaxants:  I know tons of people who pop a Xanax (with a doctors consent) before their flight and they are on cloud nine the whole time. I took one before and it did slightly help with my anxiety but I didn’t like that it stays in your system for 24+ hrs and you can’t (or at least you shouldn’t) drink alcohol with it. I prefer drinking. I’m pretty extra, but I’ll literally do 5 shots before boarding. Judge me all you want, but this works for me. I’m usually on a good buzz before getting on my husband on the other hand just stares at me, and shakes his head (sorry babe! haha). If alcohol is not for you, you’re missing out, JK! Try meditation, praying, clear up your conscience, even essential oils and again being prepared for the ride. Mind over matter.

4. Keep your mind busy: Movies, books, magazines, chatting with your companion, stock up on snacks that make you happy, more drinks (jk, or am I?), podcasts, coloring books, work, whatever keeps your mind occupied helps the time go by fast.

5. Try to understand what is really scaring you: Is it the fear of heights? Losing control? Fear of the unknown? Identifying your fears helps understand the root of this specific fear. After you can identify your fear, research your fears. See what remedies or plans of actions you can work on to lessen your fear of flying. For me it’s prayer. But whatever it is for you, just keep strong and think about something or a quote that keeps you sane.  I like to say to myself over and over… “Don’t let fear control your life!”

Final thoughts: Try to fixate your mind on the final destination. In this case, it’s not about the journey. It’s about the fucken destination!!! If I can fly, so can you! I really hope my tips help anyone out there dealing with the same stress as I do. Let me know if you have any tips on flying as I’m always looking for more. See you guys in Aspen.


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    Wow you always seem to go on all these adventures so I had no idea you struggled with anxiety about flying! I feel like when I was younger there was a false feeling of invincibility and as I get older, the world feels so much more dangerous especially with all the things going on in the news. But like you said, we can't let fear rule our lives! I'm glad you're able to cope and still take amazing trips!

    xx freshfizzle

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    I love moisturizing my face with oils




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