Dog Friendly Hollywood Hotel

06/30/2017 0 Comments

Have you guys ever traveled with your pets? Honestly, it’s not the easiest thing. Not all hotels are accommodating, to begin with, plus you have so many added fees it’s like you’re basically paying for another room! Bottom line, it’s not ideal traveling with pets in some scenarios.

Luckily there are some amazing hotels out there that do make it easier to travel with your pets. Hollywood hotel asked me to experience a stay at their pet-friendly hotel and of course, I couldn’t resist! A staycation with my pups was exactly what I needed. The hotel launched its “Pamper Your Pet” package for their guests traveling with dogs under 40 pounds to enjoy luxury amenities.

The “Pamper Your Pet” package is an additional $50 pet fee (not bad, really not bad!), and the package includes:

  • A pet bed
  • Plush toy
  • Water and food bowls
  • Dog treats
  • Pet waste bags

What’s even better is, if you don’t have a pet to cuddle with during your stay, they will arrange a puppy party at the hotel! I mean… seriously cuteness overload!

If you guys are interested or have plans to visit Los Angeles I’ll leave all the info here!



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