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07/06/2017 0 Comments

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My Summer Style

I don’t know about you, but Summer is really when I shine. I’m more productive, creative, and energetic during the Summers. Maybe it’s the sun that gives me this extra boost maybe it’s the heat, whatever it is, I thrive on it. Summer also gives me an excuse to “Summer outfit” shop, especially for shoes. Clothes are interchangeable every season for us LA folks but shoes is a whole another story.

If you can’t already tell, I have a strong shoe obsession. When shoe shopping, or any kind of shopping for that matter, it’s important to buy from a retailer that has 1. Good customer service, 2. Easy returns, 3. Fast shipping! I can’t tell you how many horror stories I’ve had in the past buying from retailers that I’ve never heard of and losing a lot of money on returns costs or price.

 Now, for the most part, I always stick to the retailers that I know provide exceptional customer service and easy returns. It’s an obvious no-brainer. I’ve shopped on Zappos for years now and it felt right partnering with them to highlight their amazing customer service plus hassle free shipping and returns. In college, I actually had to do a case study on Zappos funny enough, and I feel it’s like a 360 from where I started in college to now.

I paired this white dress and sweater with these Teva Sandals that are seriously so comfortable and Summer appropriate for any outdoor activity! They are definitely unique and not your traditional trendy sandals, but honestly, I’m always down for comfort, then pain. Comfort is truly the key to a lot of my outfits. Keep it simple, casual, and comfy is my motto! I’ve also been carrying this bag non-stop from Zara. Something about it screams vacation even if I’m not on one.

Dress: Aritzia | Sweater: Frame | Shoes: Teva Sandals | Bag: Zara
Hope you guys are inspired to style Teva Sandals into your Summer outfit this season!
Until next time… xo!



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