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08/30/2017 1 Comments

Honestly, it’s not fun growing up.  I’m kind of at the age where all my friends are either getting married or trying to have kids. Everyone, including myself, just suddenly woke up one day and well… became old. Week days now filled with cleaning, groceries, making dinner and getting a solid 8 hrs of sleep. Weekends are now running around town getting all our other errands completed. A free weekend is a rare commodity in our household. If we’re not busy running errands, we’re at a wedding, a baby shower or a family gathering. I mean.. seriously, what is a weekend???

Tons of our weekends are also spent at some doctor’s offices. Health is a priority in our family. We visit the dentist frequently, we have regular doctor’s check ups so it’s pretty common that I’ll have a 8 AM Saturday appointment somewhere at least 2x a month. You’re probably thinking, where is this all going? Well, let me share with you guys a little secret. There is one thing that I do less frequently, and that would be visiting my eye doctor thanks to a convenient app called Simple Contacts. I want to be clear that this doesn’t replace your regular eye doctors visit so please continue doing so for your yearly exams. This app is for those who have unchanging eyes and meant for contact renewals which are a huge portion of eye doctor visits. If you wear contacts.. well HELLO this is for you!

Simple Contacts is a telemedicine platform designed to allow patients to renew their contact lens prescriptions from home. At a cost of $10, Simple Contacts vision test is designed to save time and money (this test was super cool, we did it at home and was quite surprised!). With comparably priced contact lenses, we can renew our prescription and have contacts shipped to our door for a fraction of the price of heading into the doctor’s office. Such a convenient service that I had to share with you guys. If there’s anything to save some time and money, you guys know I’m all about that!

Download the Simple Contacts app on your iphone and use code “SPREADFASHION” for $30 off your first purchase!

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    Weekends are always so so busy! Sounds like a clever app. I use the dailies total one contacts too, they are so comfortable.

    I hope your next weekend can be a little quieter!
    x Jenelle



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