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09/06/2017 1 Comments

Food Delivery that provides for a paleo, dairy-free, organic, or vegan lifestyle

I’m super excited to share today’s post with you guys because it’s really changed my life. I know, that sounds like a cliché but hear me out. Let’s start off with my original food routine/lifestyle, pre- Thistle.

Sundays I usually head to the grocery store with my husband and we plan out our meals and groceries for the week. We usually eat relatively healthy, and by relatively I mean 3 nights out of 7. We always aim for 4-5 nights, but with events, work gatherings and late meetings, sometimes we only get to 3 nights healthy.

The three nights that we do eat healthily, the menu ranges from chicken breast, salad, and veggies, or zucchini pasta with shrimp and tomato basil sauce. We really do aim to eat Paleo those healthy meal nights. Rewinding back to Sunday’s when we head to Whole Foods, I can honestly tell you that we spend an average of $120 a week, this is important and you’ll find out why down below.

A few weeks into my new job, back in April, my co-worker introduced me to Thistle. Actually, she didn’t introduce me, I was just nosey and looked at the label of her pre-made lunch box. No shame in that because I googled Thistle and found it to be absolutely intriguing. “No more groceries, cooking or take out! We’ll fill your fridge with super healthy, organic, plant-based meals (for less than the cost of eating out)” was the first thing I read on the website. I was at first in disbelief. How can healthy, organic, plant-based meals be less than the cost of eating out? ‘Cus I’m telling you when I go to West Hollywood and order an organic salad it usually costs me $16 + $3 for chicken. But after a bit of research on the site, I saw that they had meal plans that we’re way less than $19, in fact, it was about $10-$14 per meal.

To clarify, I contacted Thistle to see if they would be interested in working together and in return, I would post my honest review on my blog for my readers. Fortunately for me, they agreed without hesitation even if it resulted in a bad review. Anyways…

I’ve been doing a few IG stories of me eating and cooking (aka boiling, microwave, or pan frying) the meals and so many of you guys were interested and asked tons of questions. So here’s my final verdict:

Breakfast: Strawberry Chia Seed Pudding with Granola, Matcha Green Tea Smoothie

Lunch: Spinach and Quinoa Chicken Salad with a Lemon Poppyseed Vinaigrette. Thistle Green juice on the side.

(I added in some leftover veggies I had laying around in my fridge, this is completely up to you to customize or keep as intended)Dinner: Veggies and Turkey chili with Garlic Sauce (I added in extra veggies)

So, now the verdict:

  1. Comes to your door 1-4x a week depending on what service you chose.
  2. Very VERY delicious. I promise you, this isn’t your Trader Joe pre-packaged salad/food meals. It’s actually very tasty. I can’t tell you how many times my face was confused and perplexed at how much I found these meals tasty even when some of them didn’t sound all that great.
  3. I like how I can customize per week if I’m doing vegan meals, meat meals, or paleo.
  4. The convenience factor is key for me. Especially for those of you who work a 9-5pm job, this cuts out at least a good hour of your day cooking and cleaning. You just literally open the container and eat straight from it, microwave it, or warm it up on the oven top. Seriously so easy.
  5. It’s more affordable than you think. Every week I wasted tons of produce because my husband and I simply couldn’t get through it all. Tons of veggies and fruits go bad, especially the organic one or preservative free ones. I felt terrible wasting so much food. Thistle provides just the meals you need. Nothing goes in the trash wasted because you don’t need to cook or buy groceries anymore. Done and Done!
  6. I lost 5 lbs. But more on that in another post since food was just one part of that journey.

Conclusion, I’m continuing with Thistle as a part of my lifestyle. I’ve already subscribed (yes, with my own money) and the best part is I can pause for a week when needed. I hope you guys are inspired to try it out. I really recommend this to anyone who works full time, has a smaller house hold (2-4 ppl just IMO), or likes to eat healthy without breaking the bank. Here’s a code if you’re interested: “SPREADFASHION” for 30% OFF your first week (I don’t make any affliate or $$ off this code, it’s just simply a discount for you).

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    I have hear about Thistle but after reading this I’m ready to give it a try! Thank you for sharing!



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