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10/16/2017 2 Comments

I absolutely love when I find new jewelry pieces because I’m very selective to certain brands due to my sensitive skin. When I wear cheaper jewels my skin breaks out, sometimes turn colors and makes me itch all over. So I’m pretty cautious of what pieces I buy. This doesn’t mean I’m splurging on jewelry left to right but I’m also not shopping at Forever 21 for the newest choker either. Thankfully, there are quality jewelry options out there that is affordable and that makes my high maintenance/boujee skin more at ease. I’ve worked with many jewelry brands before and I love them all equally but I will say most of them were on the pricier side. This new brand Melios, however, is super affordable ($15-$50 range) and their pieces are dipped in 18K gold which makes my skin and wallet happy. My absolute favorite piece from their collection is the Luna Charm Necklace. It’s the perfect mixture of dainty and girly. I’m completely drawn to stars and moons and well, this has both!

Luna Necklace | Three Block Necklace | Two chain Necklace | Rings | Bracelets | Earrings

For the most part, I wear the necklace and bracelet every day. I don’t have to worry about taking them off since they are dipped in 18K gold which makes these pieces a no-brainer. I hope you guys check out Melios. I’m really a fan of their pieces! Even if you’re not sensitive to jewelry they have an amazing selection of very cute dainty pieces.  I’m also running a huge giveaway on my Instagram, so make sure to check it out here. You guys won’t regret it!

Thank you Melios for providing me with so many pieces to style and giveaway to my beloved readers!


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    Kitty Rodriguez


    I love dainty jewelry! I am always looking for new brands to try out. Like you, I am particular with the kind of accessories I purchase. Thank you for this post as I just found a new go-to store!!

    – Kit Kat




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