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  • K-Beauty At CVS


    You know you’re old when skincare is more exciting than clothes

    I recently found out that CVS Pharmacy brought K-Beauty products to their stores. No…

  • Summer Beauty Edits


    Keeping this short and sweet (just like me) because no one got time to read everything that I’m feeling about these products, plus our attention…

  • Age is just a number.


    You know what’s been on my mind lately?….. Babies!No, not that I want any anytime soon but everyone around keeps asking, insisting, urging all…

  • Spring awakening


    NEW SPRING ROUTINENow that it’s Spring, I can finally come out of hibernation (literally didn’t leave the house during this Winter cold..) and get…

  • #YourBestHair


    LET’S TALK #HAIRGOALS My hair is something I’ve been known for my whole life. My mom added some highlights in my hair when I was…